Live Fearless


So this morning I read from the book of John.  I read about John the Baptist and his purpose to announce the arrival of God.  Sometimes I seek to find the deeper more me-focused message in my devotion time, but I have to remember that is not about me.  That is just my selfishness shining through. I so desire to not be a selfish person.  It has caused me way too much grief and trouble already in my life.  This year everything has changed, because I have begun to live on my knees, however my weak flesh still desires to stand and be proud in ways that do not glorify God.  John was fearless and obedient to God.  These words keep coming up in my prayers and in my words, yet I struggle with what they truly mean.  I think that today I will just pray and dig a little deeper into what it would look like to live my life being fearless and obedient.  

Dear Father God, I love you with all of my heart and I am so thankful for the moments that you have blessed me with each day.  You are so complete and I am so weak and broken and yet Your love somehow completes me.  I so appreciate Your amazing patience with me and Your desires to reveal to me examples of Your children so that I make see what it means to follow you.  I am scared Lord and with that I immediately find myself challenged to be fearless.  May I use my awareness of my fears to focus me so that I might overcome them and continue to seek to be a true follower.  Thank You for Your Son and His life as a perfect example.  I know I will be far from perfect, but I pray that my life looks more like His and less like mine every day. In Jesus' glorious and amazing name, Amen.